Wednesday, July 28, 2010

InteractiveMD demonstrates new videoconference platform live on Chicago morning news show

Yesterday we unveiled InteractiveMD’s new videoconferencing capabilities in the Windy City, performing a live demonstration of our telemedicine platform on “You & Me This Morning” hosted by Jeanne Sparrow. WCIU-TV (known as “The You” in Chicago) was interested in producing a segment about how technology is changing the face of healthcare, and the emergence of InteractiveMD served as the perfect example of such revolutionary change.

Staring in the segment was our very own Vice President, Ghen Sugimoto, and our new Medical Director, Dr. Kevin Friedman. Watch Dr. Friedman performing a mock video consultation of one of the WCIU station producers. He also, for the first time, provides the Chicago audience with a glimpse of our future initiatives, integrating an otoscope device into InteractiveMD and performing an ear, nose and throat examination from a remote location.

So after that eventful morning the iMD team managed to squeeze in a boat cruise around the city and a trip to the top of the Sears Tower….all in all, an amazing day in Chicago!

~Alex Price, Sr. Manager, PR & Branding
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