Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video of the Week – Daniella Cooper’s Personal Fight To Stop Diabetes

This is the second in our series of weekly videos, where we are sharing the importance of "iCan Stop Diabetes!" through the personal story of one of our beloved colleagues and StepOut team members. Daniella Cooper, an enrollment agent in our organization, also faces the daily challenge of type 2 diabetes. In this inspiring video, Daniella takes us inside her experience of facing the diagnosis, how she’s changed her life to manage it, and the critical steps we should all take to prevent this difficult disease. Ultimately, Daniella explains why StepOut is such an important initiative, and we’re all proud to walk with her on October 23rd to help stop diabetes.

We welcome you to join us by participating in the American Diabetes Association’s StepOut: Walk To Fight Diabetes, and raise funds to find a cure:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIABETES PREVENTION TIP OF THE WEEK: The best ways for diabetics to keep their disease under control

This week we’re focusing on the best ways for diabetics to manage their disease, and we recommend a 2-prong strategy to keep the disease under control. Two important and essential elements include daily monitoring of blood glucose levels, and twice a year A1C checks to measure the condition overall. Here’s what you need to know about each…

Video of the Week - iCan Stop Diabetes

This is the first in our series of weekly videos, bringing to life exciting new this case the launch of "iCan Stop Diabetes!" Here, Dr. Kevin Friedman and I explain why we’ve chosen diabetes as a critical health crisis to address in 2010 and beyond. As the weeks progress towards the October 23rd event date, we'll feature compelling interviews from diabetics telling their true-life stories, and you'll get to meet many members of our staff here at InteractiveMD and iCan that are leading our StepOut team.

We welcome you to join us by participating in the American Diabetes Association’s StepOut: Walk To Fight Diabetes, and raise funds to find a cure:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIABETES PREVENTION TIP OF THE WEEK: Know all the risk factors you CAN control

When it comes to managing your health, there are certain factors – i.e. family history, age, race – that you simply can’t control. If your mom is a type 2 diabetic, and you’ve struggled with weight since you were a child, you face some built-in challenges that many others do not.

There are, however, many risk factors you CAN control and if taken seriously can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming a type 2 diabetic. The factor most commonly associated with the disease is obesity, and it’s critical to take proper measures to eat healthy so that you don’t become overweight, as defined as a body mass index over 25 (body mass index is your weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared). Diabetes is also strongly correlated with a sedentary life-style, so staying active through regular exercise and elevating your heart-rate daily is key. Proper diet should be complemented by abstaining from smoking or heavy drinking. 

Monitoring your cholesterol is vital as well. Abnormal cholesterol and blood fat levels, such as your HDL cholesterol (or "good" cholesterol) being lower than 35 mg/dL or your triglyceride level being over 250 mg/dL, signals major warning signs. High blood pressure, meaning greater than 140/90 in adults, signals a red flag that you need to make changes.

If you’re healthy by these standards, it’s important not to take it for granted and develop a strategy to keep it that way. And if you’re at risk for diabetes, heart disease or stroke, it’s imperative to see your doctor and create an action plan to get you on track. So that you know the right questions to ask your doctor, take this online self-assessment from WebMD and get your results today…


Friday, September 17, 2010

InteractiveMD spotlighted by a Fox News affiliate in Tampa

InteractiveMD’s versatility was on display last week, as Fox News’ Tampa affiliate showcased how telemedicine can transform the way orthopedic surgeons follow-up with their patients. In this compelling segment, Dr. Jared Salinsky from The Center for Bone & Joint demonstrated how telemedicine enables him to monitor his patients post-surgery, review x-rays, and determine if a in-person consultation is necessary for treatment. As InteractiveMD becomes more integrated into the healthcare community, medical specialists like cardiologists, pulmonologists, demonologists, and yes even orthopedic surgeons are seeing how telemedicine will revolutionize the way they see patients and manage their practices. For the complete story, visit the Fox Tampa website.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Join us in the fight to stop diabetes!

Our organization is made up of many diverse individuals, from doctors to software engineers, and from enrollment agents to graphic designers, just to name a few. But one thing we have in common is a desire to address the country’s most critical health crisis’s…especially those that hit close to home. Our family at InteractiveMD, and our parent company, the iCan Benefit Group, have recently chosen diabetes as a critical health crisis we want to impact in 2010 and beyond. With so many of our members and their families affected by the disease, and millions of Americans at risk, this is the perfect cause for us to champion, supporting those we care about so much.

To kick off this commitment, we’re launching a team called “iCan Stop Diabetes!”, which will participate in the American Diabetes Association’s StepOut: Walk To Fight Diabetes. The ADA is the nation’s leading nonprofit focused on the prevention and cure of diabetes, and this effort will be our first in a long-term initiative to support their mission. Please support our efforts by either joining our team or donating $10 or $20 to find a cure. Visit our page and either donate to the team member of your choice, or support the team generally by donating to our team captain Alex Price.

The walk will be held on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010, at the Bank Atlantic Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We hope you can join us, but if you can’t, thanks for considering supporting this effort.

Monday, September 13, 2010

SunSentinel features front page story on InteractiveMD

Promoting patient empowerment and choice is central to our mission, and so it was an honor to be the focus of yesterday’s SunSentinel article where InteractiveMD was presented as an example of how Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) can be used to help patients. The piece references other compelling paradigm shifts we’re seeing in the healthcare industry, like the hospitals giving patients access to screenings and test results online, the emergence of build-your-own health record platforms – like Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, and a push to have patients physically carry a digital copy of their health record for emergency purposes. The apprehension that some patients feel surrounding privacy concerns and digital mistakes are also considered in this balanced exploration into new health technology. Congratulations to Bob LaMendola at the SunSentinel on his great work.