Monday, September 13, 2010

SunSentinel features front page story on InteractiveMD

Promoting patient empowerment and choice is central to our mission, and so it was an honor to be the focus of yesterday’s SunSentinel article where InteractiveMD was presented as an example of how Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) can be used to help patients. The piece references other compelling paradigm shifts we’re seeing in the healthcare industry, like the hospitals giving patients access to screenings and test results online, the emergence of build-your-own health record platforms – like Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, and a push to have patients physically carry a digital copy of their health record for emergency purposes. The apprehension that some patients feel surrounding privacy concerns and digital mistakes are also considered in this balanced exploration into new health technology. Congratulations to Bob LaMendola at the SunSentinel on his great work.

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