Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Diabetes Prevention Tip of the Week: Know the warning signs

As with most diseases, the best way to combat diabetes is to prevent it all together, or to catch the warning signs as early as possible. Sometimes the symptoms of type 2 diabetes may develop slowly in children and adults, and initially there may be no symptoms at all. But eventually warning signs will emerge, and it’s critical to notice these indicators and to see your doctor as soon as you can for diabetes testing. Here are some very common symptoms for you to look out for…

Common Symptom: Thirst
One of the first symptoms of type 2 diabetes may be an increase in thirst. This is often accompanied by additional problems, including dry mouth, increased appetite, frequent urination, and unusual weight loss or gain.

Common Symptom: Headaches
As blood sugar levels become more abnormal, additional symptoms may include headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue.

Common Symptom: Infections
In most cases, type 2 diabetes is not discovered until it takes a noticeable toll on health. One major warning sign is troubling infections, such as cuts or sores that are slow to heal. Frequent yeast infections or urinary tract infections are common signs, as well as itchy skin, especially in the groin area.

Common Symptom: Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction could be a complication of diabetes. Diabetes can cause damage to blood vessels and nerve endings in the penis causing impotence. It’s estimated between 35% and 70% of men with diabetes will have at least some degree of impotence in their lifetime.

Type 2 Diabetes Self Assessment
Again, if you’re experiencing any of these signs you need to set up an appointment with your primary care doctor as soon as you can. Between now and your appointment, visit the WebMD healthcheck ( and take a few minutes to answer some questions and get a personalized report to share with your doctor.
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