Thursday, October 28, 2010

iMD Ranks in Top Ten for Funds Raised Towards Diabetes

Waking up at 6:00am on a Saturday never felt so good. This past Saturday, our team at InteractiveMD joined with thousands of south Floridians and concerned corporations in StepOut: A Walk to Fight Diabetes. This event, one of the flagship initiatives of the American Diabetes Association, is a massive national push to raise donations to support diabetes prevention, and to fund research for a cure. The uplifting vibe and inspiring atmosphere on Saturday made the early wake-up call more than worth it, as dozens of our colleagues walked together for a cause near to our hearts. 

The charity walk was the culmination of a two month initiative of ours (and our parent company, the iCan Group) called “iCan Stop Diabetes!” kicking off our commitment to supporting the programs of the American Diabetes Association. This summer we chose diabetes as a health issue we wanted to impact, knowing so many of our members battle the disease daily and will benefit from ADA’s critical programs.  

As the walk began, the MC announced on stage that the “iCan Stop Diabetes!” team ranked in the top ten for corporations and groups in south Florida, raising well over $5,000 to fight this disease.  I’m so proud of our team and all their success, but we see this as just the beginning of a long-term connection to the mission. Thanks so much to all of you who supported this effort!

~ Alex Price
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  1. Diabetes, like many other diseases such as high blood and high cholesterol certainly has a genetic component that increases an individual likelihood of developing the disease. However all of these diseases can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle involving exercise and a proper nutritious diet. Education goes a long way in our fight against these diseases and it is so great that so many showed the motivation to support the tremendous efforts of the American Diabetes Association. We are all in this fight together, it certainly is a battle but one we can win!

  2. Here's a link to support what the first Kevin said. As a nation plagued with ever-rising heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, conventionally speaking, we're barking up the wrong tree in the search for a cure. Could it be that the cure that has eluded us for so long is literally right in front of us... on our plate? If we put millions towards the pursuit of educating people regarding this simple truth, diabetes, amongst other diseases, would be all but nonexistent.