Thursday, October 7, 2010

Video of the Week – Nanette Eckard's Inspiring Story of Standing Up to Diabetes

In this our third in a series of weekly videos on fighting diabetes, I sat down with one of our wonderful and talented service agents who shared with me her inspiring story of standing tall to this disease. Nanette Eckard, who had witnessed her mother’s long, hard battle with the disease, made a promise to her mom that she would never allow her type 2 diabetes to control her life. In the video, she candidly explains the deep commitment she made with herself to drastically change her lifestyle so that she can live a long and full life with her family. I was particularly struck by how Nanette now characterizes diabetes….she says “It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to gain knowledge, turn your life around, and to share this with other people.” Thanks Nanette, for sharing your inspiration with us.

We welcome you to join Nanette and our whole team by participating in the American Diabetes Association’s StepOut: Walk To Fight Diabetes, and raise funds to find a cure:

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