Monday, January 10, 2011

Change the World, Nominate a Nonprofit!

InteractiveMD is deeply focused on providing critical support to nonprofit organizations that address crucial health and social needs. As a healthcare company, we believe it’s vital to impact causes that affect the medical and emotional well-being of the underserved, especially in the communities which our members live and work.

To make this lasting tangible impact, InteractiveMD selects a medical/health-focused nonprofit organization to partner with every 6 months, and then engages our employees, members, and the greater community in support of this organization. Beginning January 11th, we’re accepting nominations from the public for the nonprofit organization we’ll support for the first half of 2011. We value your opinion, and hope you’ll suggest a charity that’s inspiring to you. All you have to do is visit the InteractiveMD Facebook page and post to our wall the charity of your choice and why you believe it should be considered. Soon we’ll announce the selection, and begin to make a difference together!

Our support may come in the form of grass-roots fundraising campaigns, donations of hardware and software, group volunteerism, providing pro bono services in key areas of expertise, and raising awareness for these causes through robust communication initiatives. In Fall 2010, we established our inaugural partnership with the American Diabetes Association, organizing a 40-person volunteer team to participate in their annual StepOut: Walk To Fight Diabetes. InteractiveMD received an award for being the “Top New Team” while ranking in the top 10 for fundraising among all 280 corporate teams in south Florida.

We hope you’ll help us make an even bigger impact in 2011….so let your voice be heard and nominate a nonprofit today!

~ Alex Price

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